Siddhant as a child discovered his strong inclination towards structure. He translated that in his abstract paintings with sharp lines, cuts and patterns. When his hunger to create got exposed to fashion, he identified his passion and went on to study Fashion design and Development at London College of Fashion, UK.

The exposure to the diverse architecture from different eras and work exposures at Kanika Goyal Label, Mary Katranzou, Roksanda, Rober wun and Gaurav Gupta equipped him to form his own design language, which interlaces multi-dimensional aspects with tailoring. It is structured yet fluid, minimal yet maximal, modern yet traditional, layered yet effortless.

Each collection portrays a story drawn from a personal experience or interpretation. It is liberating, fresh, young and bold. The brand does not follow any norms and creates exclusive styles by fusing technology like laser cutting with traditional handwork.

It has an authentic color character that is spread on a large array of shades. The brand doesn’t shy away from experimenting each season and plays with anything that provokes emotions. The bold combination of sharp cuts in fluid fabrics, multiple textures, appliqueing, it is always using innovative techniques. It challenges its own concepts and theories and pushes in hope to develop extra ordinary styles. The brand believes that being creative is very essential to discover oneself and leaves no stone unturned to explore more each time. It is designing a timeless, elegant, effortless lifestyle with an entirely individualistic view.

We at Siddhant Agrawal work towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Everyday we try to inculcate practices that help us reduce wastage and reuse it. We don’t let anything go to waste and try to reuse them creatively whether its pattern paper or fabric waste.

It is very important to have a conscious closet and we are trying to be and make aware of every little detail that goes in making the garment. We also believe that following sustainable practices helps us to organically built our product which enhances its beauty.

Our vision is to become 100% sustainable brand and we are working towards it everyday.

Sustainable Practices