Hybrid Cords

Patterns of layered boxes, layers of past and present that form various prints of this collection. Each print is very detailed to depict various experiences of rage, agitation, longing, boredom, letting go and sever mental and physical health. The lines, the colours, the shapes—these prints are developed in order to feel and embrace the impact of experiences. The artwork in them captures the wavelength of our body and mind that communicates the feeling associated with these experiences. Owning this print will be like owning what we go through bravely.
The pieces have captured the drama of life effortlessly. They speak about the unique experience each of us have had. The times we went through will stay with us forever and so will these timeless pieces.
The constant thought of worry about something deleterious happening or going to happen is depicted by the darker tones and the feeling of peace and cheerfulness that we experience after a turbulent time is depicted in lighter tones.

Undefined Frame's

Infinite layering and abstract circular waves with brightened contrast and colour block. Our intricate panelling and details gives a modern edge to this contemporary collection. The bold combination of sharp cuts in fluid fabrics, multiple textures, appliqueing, this collection is built using innovative techniques and sustainable materials. The collection has an authentic colour character that is spread on a large array of shades with contrasts of earthy tones to bolder deeper colours.


Capsule 1.0